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Improve site searchability by this using this automated tagging app!

Sourcing products from various vendors can make it time consuming to tag products. This app will run through every new product description and, based on a list of keywords that you create within the app, it will automatically add those keywords as tags on that new product. This saves you time and enhances product searchability on your site.

GPT Dyno Descriptions - Shopify App Store

Effortlessly perfect your product descriptions with AI!

Streamline your dropshipping and product onboarding experience with powerful AI. Say goodbye to the hassle of creating product descriptions from scratch. We understand the importance of maintaining a uniform and audience-focused website. Introducing our advanced AI-powered solution that simplifies the creation and cleanup of your product descriptions. With our app, you can effortlessly maintain professionalism and persuasive language that will effectively drive sales for your products.

GPT Dyno Descriptions - Shopify App Store